Even BlackBerry did not have much success in last few years with their devices they still have a customers that are loyal to their brand. This company always manages to deliver pretty good devices but still they are behind competition mainly because of the software they use.

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BlackBerry Z5 Leaked Info

BlackBerry Logo

With addition of BlacBerry Z10 and Q10 market position of this company significantly improved even they are far from the level and market share they had only few years ago. According to reports it seams that this cell phone maker will soon deliver BlackBerry Z5 and entry level device with touch screen.

BlackBerry R10 More Pictures And Specs Leak

BlackBerry R10 a

One of the companies that had a large market share in the U.S. is the BlackBerry but those times are long gone. They are trying to bring new devices and to additionally popularize their brand with smartphones like Z10 and Q10. Both of these cell phones are delivered with pretty high price and BlackBerry R10 is something that the company needs for a mid range market.

Entry Level BlackBerry 10 Cell Phone With QWERTY Leaks

BlackBerry 10 Cell Phone

It seams that Blackberry is getting heated up and that another device will be delivered to the market. If the reports are true, after Q10 and Z10 we are getting another cell phone. This BlackBerry 10 will be dispatched to the entry level market segment.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs BlackBerry Z10

Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs BlackBerry Z10

We do know that BlackBerry is in trouble and that their sale results are pretty poor. This is one of the reasons why this company is investing allot of effort and hope into their new flagship BlackBerry Z10. There is no need to talk about the popularity of Galaxy series and their new flagship that has been recently presented. We thought that it will be interesting to see comparison of Samsung Galaxy S 4 and BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Q10 Pre-Order Availability

BlackBerry Q10

There is no doubt that BlackBerry managed to get into the spot light with Q10 and Z10 devices that they have delivered to the market just recently. We are getting new information’s about BlackBerry Q10 that will be available for a pre-order from some retailers in UK and US.

BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Coming In 2013

BlackBerry PlayBook 2

There is a pretty good chance that we will see BlackBerry PlayBook 2 in 2013. Before this last report that we have received we could hear BlackBerry CEO Torsten Heins that claims this will not happen but few things changed it seams.

Cell Phones 2013 Top 10 Offer


We are sure that 2013 will be very important and that many new smartphones will be delivered. We are eagerly waiting for new devices to be offered to the market and for us to get them and test those gadgets. Here we have made a list of top ten cell phones 2013 will deliver or they were presented in 2012 and are expected to go on sale in 2013.