One of the manufacturers that always managed to deliver changes to design is Motorola. After this company was bought by Google and even before that we were able to see some really nice looking devices with hardware that can certainly compete with the high end offer from competition.

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Motorola Moto X Official Info

Motorola Moto X

We finally have the official information’s about Motorola Moto X smartphone and this has been delivered by the company’s chief executive Dennis Woodside. We have received info about the name and the fact that it will be manufactured in U.S.

Motorola X Phone Benchmark Results

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There are high expectations for Motorola X Phone from both users and the company. We have received latest benchmark tests for this device and its GPU, it seams that we will be getting Qualcomm 800 chipset instead Qualcomm 600 that was previously rumored.

Motorola X Phone Pictures Leaked

Motorola Logo

There is no doubt that there are many users that are waiting to see how the Motorola X Phone will look since this company was bought by Google. They will certainly bring some influence to both design and hardware plus we can expect to see latest version of the Android OS delivered with this cell phone.

Motorola X Price, Specs And Release Date Rumors

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Both Motorola and Google invested a lot of work in the next flagship Motorola X. This is a joint project of these companies and the expectations are high. As one highly anticipated device we are getting high amount of rumors regarding this cell phone that we will deliver here, all in one place.

Motorola X Rumors

Motorola X

One of the companies that managed to deliver some really nice smartphones to the market certainly is the Motorola and their devices always brought nice design. Because of this we are waiting to see what Motorola X will bring. While we are waiting we are also getting a decent number of rumors regarding this cell phone.

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Motorola Nexus X

Nexus X

One of the reasons why Google spend 12 billion of $ for acquisition of Motorola is to get their patents. These can significantly help out in the battle against Apple so it was a good deal for Google. Another reason why this acquisition could be interesting to Google is the fact that Motorola made some really nice mobile devices in the past.

Motorola Droid Razr M HD Specs Leak

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We have received few details about Motorola Droid Razr M HD which came through an Leak and from anonymous source we were able to hear few really interesting things. We need to say that there are still no confirmations about this device so we need to take all this with a great reserve.