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Sony Xperia M Price

Sony Xperia M

It is time for additional information’s about Sony Xperia M to be delivered. Now we are getting reports about the availability and the price of this device. According to reports this smartphone can be pre ordered for 239 Euros while the dual SIM version is priced at 299 Euros.

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Sony Xperia Z Nexus Edition Rumours

Sony Xperia Z

It seams that Sony can see possibility to additionally improve pretty good sale results of their flagship Sony Xperia Z with the delivery of Nexus Edition of this device. Not so long ago after Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition and HTC One Nexus Edition were announced we are getting information’s that Sony might join this bunch also.

Sony Xperia L4 Togari Phablet

Sony Logo

We have already received information’s and rumors about Sony Xperia L4 Togari phablet but we now have more info about this gadget. According to latest reports this device will be known as Sony Xperia L4 and will bring 6.44 inch full HD display, it will also offer stylus like support that we were able to see on Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

Sony Xperia UL Presented In Japan

Sony Xperia UL

Recently we were able to see a lot of activity from Sony and as a result we had large number of rumors and leaks delivered. One of the latest devices we could hear about was the Sony Xperia UL and now it has been officially presented in Japan so there are no more reasons for rumors and similar.

Xperia Z Update For Camera Improvements

Sony Xperia Z

With new flagship Sony Xperia Z this company managed to attract a decent number of users to their brand and now we are getting information’s about firmware upgrades for this unit. According to reports Sony is launching new firmware update that should bring new features and additional improvements to this cell smartphone.

Sony Xperia UL Leaked

Sony Xperia UL

It seams that Sony is making new smartphones on a daily basis since we have received leaked images and information’s about another device from this company. According to the leak this Japanese company is preparing Sony Xperia UL, we could hear that this device currently has a codename Gaga and comes to rumor mill with few interesting things.

Sony Xperia S39h

Sony Xperia S39h

Here are the images of Sony Xperia S39h an device about which we did not hear anything before this leak. It is interesting to see that Sony has managed to save an device not to leak because cell phone specs are usually known even before they reach a final design and looks.