Nokia Lumia 920 And Lumia 820 Price For Europe

Nokia Lumia 920

Latest addition to Nokia’s Lumia lineup are Lumia 920 and 820 models and these two Windows Phone powered devices might be two very capable and wanted devices. There were few details that we did not know about these smartphones but after some time we are getting more and more info.

Two of the most important things regarding cell phones and these devices that we did not know were about availability and the prices and this is finally resolved since we have received info about these two things.

First we got info about Germany and there Lumia 820 will be sold for 499 Euros or 645 $ at current exchange rates. When it comes to more powerful Lumia 920 its price will be set to 649 Euros or 836 $. If you are in Italy you will be able to get Nokia’s flagship for 599 Euros or 771 $ which is a 50 Euros less than in Germany and the price of 820 model is at the same level.

These gadgets can be also pre ordered in Russia and the price there is a 19 900 rubles which is about 640 $ for a 820 model while the 920 model will cost you 24 990 rubles or 801 $. Pretty high price but we are sure that these devices will bring some really great features and nice hardware that we already presented.

There are still no exact date of shipments for these smartphones but we do expect to see them in stores during November. Only little more precise info is about Italy where we can expect to see these devices launched on November 12th from carrier TeliaSonera.

Nokia Lumia 8201

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