Nokia WP EOS With 38 MP Camera

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At this moment Nokia 808 PureView cell phone is the best cameraphone available on the market and it was delivered as a first device with a PureView technology integrated into one smartphone. One of the challengers for the top spot in this category was the Lumia 920 but 808 managed to stay on top.

According to reports that we have just recently received it seams that Nokia WP EOS is currently being prepared and that this device will bring 38 megapixel camera. If this comes out to be the truth we could be getting a new device that brings better camera than 808 offers at this moment.

These information’s are still only rumors but according to the source Nokia WP EOS will come with a image sensor that is similar to the one we were able to see on 808 PureView device. We are still short on information’s regarding this device but there is a possibility that all this is true.

It is expected that this new high end device will be delivered with a aluminum case and that is a one more reason why we think that it might be a high end unit. We also need to remind you that the previous reports about Nokia Catwalk also delivered speculations about the aluminum body and there is a possibility that these two devices are essentially a same smartphone.

As we said data regarding both Nokia WP EOS and Catwalk are still scarce and we are not sure what kind of device or devices will be delivered. It is expected that the second mentioned device will come as a replacement for a Lumia 920.

What sources familiar with the matter have confirmed, though, is that AT&T will be offering the EOS, which isn’t much of a surprise considering the carrier’s close connections with Nokia. As far as the design of the device goes, it’s believed to keep the square edges of the current Lumia line-up of smartphones.

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