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Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Rumors

Samsung Logo

According to rumors that we have received it seams that Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 is being prepared. This device could be launched in Q3 of 2013 and reports say that it could come with Sharp’s IGZO display.

Samsung Galaxy And Ativ Premiere On June 20

Samsung Galaxy And Ativ Premiere

Samsung has scheduled an event on June 20th in London and according to what we could hear and the teaser image they will deliver Galaxy and Ativ device. Similar event was held for recently launched Galaxy smartphone and this event will be called Galaxy Premiere 2013.

HTC T6 Phablet

HTC T6 Phablet

We have received information’s that HTC T6 phablet might be delivered by Taiwanese company. According to source this device will be a direct competition to Galaxy Note 3 device that should be launched soon. Since this was delivered by pretty reliable source there is a high possibility that it will happen.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Release Date And Price Info

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega was presented in April and it was delivered in the same time as Samsung Galaxy S4. There is no doubt that this is an interesting device that offers looks of the S4 but with significantly larger display of 6.3 inch that puts it in the phablet segment.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Leaked Images

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

It is quite obvious that it is almost impossible to keep a highly anticipated device a secret until it is launched to the market but still manufacturers usually can prevent all info to be unveiled. With Samsung Galaxy S4 mini story is slightly different since we were able to see large number of rumors leaked online.

Samsung Galaxy Note III Latest Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Mobile devices are growing and it seams that soon we will have entry level devices with 5 inch displays. Until that happens we are glad to see that Samsung Galaxy Note III might not come with a display that already goes into a phablet territory.

HTC M4 Version Of HTC One


We were already able to hear rumors about the HTC M4 name but it seams that this company has prepared something different for us. According to reports this will be a successor to HTC One and it seams that it will offer metal alloy body.